The Voice of Janet Baker | Heritage HTGCD29091

The Voice of Janet Baker


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Label: Heritage

Cat No: HTGCD29091

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 1st June 2015



Janet Baker (mezzo-soprano)
Ernest Lush (piano)
Martin Isepp (piano)


Brahms, Johannes

Lieder (4), op.43
» no.1 Von ewiger Liebe
» no.2 Die Mainacht (Wann der silberne Mond)
Lieder (4), op.96
» no.2 Wir wandelten
» no.4 Meerfahrt
Lieder (5), op.71
» no.3 Geheimnis
Lieder (5), op.72
» no.3 O kuhler Wald
Lieder (5), op.105
» no.4 Auf dem Kirchhofe
Lieder (5), op.106
» no.1 Standchen (Der Mond steht uber dem Berge)
» no.5 Ein Wanderer
Lieder (5), op.107
» no.3 Das Madchen spricht
» no.5 Madchenlied (Auf die Nacht in der Spinnstub'n)
Lieder (6), op.86
» no.3 Nachtwandler
Lieder (6), op.97
» no.1 Nachtigall
Lieder and Songs (9), op.63
» no.8 Heimweh II
Mondnacht, WoO21
Regenlied (Regentropfen aus den Baumen fallen), WoO23

Dunhill, Thomas

The Cloths of Heaven, op.30 no.3
To the Queen of Heaven

Finzi, Gerald

Let us garlands bring, op.18
» no.1 Come away, come away, death
» no.5 It was a lover and his lass

Gibbs, Cecil Armstrong

By a Bierside
Love is a sickness, op.44 no.1

Gurney, Ivor

I will go with my father a-ploughing

Head, Michael

A Piper

Howells, Herbert

Come Sing and Dance
King David

Ireland, John

A thanksgiving
Her song

Schubert, Franz

Der Musensohn, op.92 no.1 D764
Die abgebluhte Linde, D514
Heimliches Lieben, op.106 no.1 D922
Minnelied, D429

Schumann, Robert

Frauenliebe und -leben, op.42

Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Mystical Songs (5)
» IV The Call
Songs of Travel (9)
» 4. Youth and love

Warlock, Peter

Songs of Summer (7)
» no.3 Youth


Janet Baker (mezzo-soprano)
Ernest Lush (piano)
Martin Isepp (piano)


Through her many recordings, Dame Janet Baker’s voice has been a constant presence in the lives of millions of people, so it is amazing to contemplate that she last sang in opera at Glyndebourne in 1982 and retired altogether in 1989, aged only 56.

These two compact discs take us back to the beginning of her recording career, when she was in her late 20s and early 30s but already an experienced, accomplished singer.

Two recordings for the SAGA label were made in the early 1960s, both of which feature here. The most important is perhaps the LP of English songs since she never returned to any of them on record. The lieder recital abounds with beautiful technique and tone.

The two SAGA recordings are supplemented by a 1960 recital she made for the BBC Third Programme with Ernest Lush.

"Her reading of the Schumann cycle is one of radiance but also depth, the steady unfolding of heartfelt love. It is one of the great Frauenliebes on disc... this is a record of glorious lieder singing, beautifully accompanied with a warm-toned piano." - Music-Web International

"This Baker collection was and remains iconic...Her tone is honey itself and if meticulous attention to the shaping and articulation of the words can now at times sound precious Baker’s musicality and intelligence carry the day." - Music-Web International

CD 1

SCHUMANN: Frauenliebe und Leben op.42
SCHUBERT: Heimliches Lieben D922, Minnelied D429, Die Abgeblühte Linde, Der Musensohn D764
BRAHMS: Die Mainacht op.43/2, Das Mädchen spricht op.107/3, Nachtigall op.97/1, Von ewiger Liebe op.43/1
Recorded in 1965 for SAGA

BRAHMS: Von ewiger Liebe, op.43/1 (Wenzig)
BBC studio recital, broadcast 7/2/61

CD 2
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: The Call, Youth and Love
IRELAND: A Thanksgiving, Her Song
HEAD: A Piper
GIBBS: This is a Sacred City (By a Bierside), Love is a Sickness, Op.44/1
DUNHILL: The Cloths of Heaven, Op.30/3
WARLOCK: Balulalow, Youth
HOWELLS: King David, Come Sing and Dance
GURNEY: Sleep, I Will Go with My Father a-ploughing
DUNHILL: To the Queen of heaven
FINZI: Come away, come away, death, It was a lover and his lass (both from Let us garlands bring, Op.18, 1942)
1963 SAGA

BRAHMS: O wüsst' ich doch den Weg zurürk Op.63 No.8, Kuhler Wald Op.72 No.3; Geheimnis Op.71 No.3, Nachtwandler Op.86/3, Wir wandelten, wir zwei zusammen Op.96/2, Meerfahrt Op.96/4, Standchen Op.106 No.1, Ein Wanderer Op.106 No.5, Regenlied Op.59 No.3, Das Madchen sprich, Op.107 No.3, Madchenlied Op.107 No.5, Mondnacht Wo021, Auf dem Kirchhote Op.105 No.4 (Liliencron)
BBC studio recital, broadcast on 16/09/60

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