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Einojuhani Rautavaara

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A Requiem in Our Time (2)
A Soldier's Mass, op.40 (1)
A Tapestry of Life (1)
Adagio celeste (2)
Aleksis Kivi (2)
Anadyomene (2)
Angels and Visitations (3)
Apotheosis (revised 4th movement of Symphony no.6 'Vincentiana') (4)
April Lines (1)
Autumn Gardens (2)
Autumn at the Rivermouth (1)
Ave Maria (3)
Avuksihuutopsalmi (Psalm of Invocation) (1)
Balada for tenor, mixed choir and orchestra (1)
Ballad for Harp and Strings (1)
Before the Icons (1)
Book of Life (1)
Cancion de nuestro tiempo (Song of our Time) (3)
Canticum Mariae virginis (3)
Cantus Articus, op.61 'Concerto for Birds and Orchestra' (9)
Cello Concerto, op.41 (3)
Cello Concerto no.2 'Towards the Horizon' (1)
Cello Sonata no.1 (1)
Cello Sonata no.2 (1)
Children's Mass (Lapsimessu) (2)
Christmas Carol (1)
Clarinet Concerto (3)
Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra, 'Angel of Dusk' (3)
Concerto for Flutes and Orchestra 'Dances with the Winds', op.69 (4)
Concerto for Organ, Brass Group and Symphonic Wind Orchestra, 'Annunciations' (2)
Credo (1)
Die Liebenden (1)
Die erste Elegie (3)
Dithyrambos (1)
Ehtoohymni (Evening hymn) (3)
Etudes, op.42 (1)
Evening hymn (1)
Fantasia for violin and orchestra (1)
Finnish Folk Song Arrangements (2) (1)
Flute Concerto, op.63 (1)
Flute Concerto, op.69 'Dances with the Winds' (original version) (1)
Flute Concerto, op.69 'Dances with the Winds' (revised version) (1)
Garden of Spaces (1)
Guds vag (God's Way) (2)
Halavan himmean alla (In the shade of the willow) (3)
Hammarskjold Fragment, op.84 (1)
Harp Concerto (2)
Herran Rukous (The Lord's Prayer) (1)
Hymnus (2)
Icons, op.6 (1)
I min alsklings tradgard (In My Lover's Garden) (1)
Independence Fanfare (1)
Into the Heart of Light (Canto V) for string orchestra (2)
Isle of Bliss (2)
Joulun virsi (Christmas Hymn) (3)
Kaivos (The Mine) (1)
Katedralen (The cathedral) (1)
Lahto (The departure) (1)
Laudatio Trinitatis (1)
Leaves are Leaves (1)
Legenda (2)
Lorca Suite, op.72b (2)
Lorulei (1)
Lost Landscapes (1)
Love Never Dies (1)
Ludus Verbalis (Word Game) (1)
Ludus verbalis (3)
Maailman uneen (Dream World) (1)
Magnificat (1)
Manhattan Trilogy (1)
Marjatan jouluvirsi (1)
Marjatta, matala neiti, suomalainen mysteeri (Marjatta, Lowly Maiden, Finnish Mystery) (1)
Matka (The Trip) (1)
Missa a capella (2)
Missa duodecanonica (2)
Modificata (1)
Monologues of the Unicorn (1)
Morsian (The bride) (1)
Nattvarden (Communion), op.22 (1)
Nirvana Dharma (1)
Notturno e Danza (2)
Och gladjen den dansar (With joy we go dancing) (1)
Octet for Winds (1)
On the Last Frontier (2)
Orpheus sings: 3 Sonnets by Rainer Maria Rilke (1)
Our joyful'st feast (2)
Partita, op.34 (2)
Pelimannit, op.1 (4)
Percussion Concerto 'Incantations' (1)
Piano Concerto no.1, op.45 (4)
Piano Concerto no.2 (2)
Piano Concerto no.3 'Gift of Dreams' (5)
Piano Sonata no.1, op.50 'Christus und die Fischer' (1)
Piano Sonata no.2, op.64 'The Fire Sermon' (2)
Playgrounds for Angels (2)
Polska for 2 cellos and piano (1)
Praktisch Deutsch (1)
Preludes (2) by T.S. Eliot (1)
Preludes, op.7 (1)
Preludes and Fugues (2) (1)
Psalm 23 (1)
Psalm 23130 (1)
Psalm of Invocation (1)
Psalms (2) (1)
Pyhia paivia (Sacred Feasts) (1)
Rakkaus ei koskaan havia (Love Never Dies) (1)
Rasputin (3)
Rubaiyat for baritone and orchestra (1)
Serenades (2) (2)
Serenades of the Unicorn (1)
Serenadi kuolemalle (1)
Sommarnatten (Summer night) (2)
Sonata for Flute and Guitar (2)
Sonata for solo cello (2)
Sonette (5) an Orpheus (2)
Sonetto for Clarinet and Piano, op.53 (2)
Song of My Heart (1)
Songs (3) from the Opera 'Aleksis Kivi' (1)
Songs (4) to Poems of Aleksis Kivi (1)
Sonnets (3) of Shakespeare, op.14 (2)
String Quartet no.2 (1)
String Quartet no.4, op.87 (1)
Summer Thoughts (1)
Suomalainen myytti (A Finnish Myth) for string orchestra (1)
Symphony no.1 (4)
Symphony no.2 (3)
Symphony no.3, op.20 (3)
Symphony no.4 'Arabescata' (1)
Symphony no.5 (1)
Symphony no.6, 'Vincentiana' (2)
Symphony no.7 'Angel of Light' (7)
Symphony no.8 'The Journey' (4)
Ta Tou Theou, op.30 (1)
Tarantara (1)
The Book of Visions (1)
The Carpenter's Son (1)
The Fox and the Sick Cockerel (1)
The Lovers (1)
The Myth of Sampo (1)
The Singer (1)
Thomas (1)
Toccata, op.59 (2)
True and False Unicorn (excerpts) (1)
True and False Unicorn (2)
Varietude, for solo violin (1)
Vigilia (excerpts) (1)
Vigilia (4)
Violin Concerto (4)
Waltz of the Innocents (1)
Wenn sich die Welt auftut (1)
Whispering (1)

Einojuhani Rautavaara (born 9 October 1928) is a Finnish composer of contemporary classical music, and is one of the most notable Finnish composers after Jean Sibelius.

His compositions include eight symphonies, 14 concertos, choral works (several for unaccompanied choir, including Vigilia (1971–1972)), sonatas for various instruments, string quartets and other chamber music, and a number of biographical operas including Vincent (1986–1987, based on the life of Vincent van Gogh), Aleksis Kivi (1995–1996) and Rasputin (2001–2003). A number of his works have parts for magnetic tape, including Cantus Arcticus (1972, also known as Concerto for Birds & Orchestra) for taped bird song and orchestra, and True and False Unicorn (1971, second version 1974, revised 2001–02), the final version of which is for three reciters, choir, orchestra and tape.

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Janos Starker plays Cello Concertos by Hindemith, Prokofiev & Rautavaara


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Fantasia: Rautavaara, Szymanowski, Ravel



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