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Henri Vieuxtemps

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Adagio in E major (1)
Allegro and Scherzo in B flat major, op.60 (2)
Andante et rondo, op.29 (1)
Ballade and Polonaise, op.38 (3)
Capriccio for solo viola, op.posth (4)
Capriccio in C minor for viola solo, op.55 'Hommage a Paganini' (3)
Cello Concerto no.1, op.46 (2)
Cello Concerto no.2, op.50 (3)
Duo brillant, op.39 (1)
Elegie, op.30 (8)
Etude for viola and piano (2)
Etudes de concert (6), op.16 (2)
Etudes for violin (36), op.48 (2)
Fantaisie, op.21 'Souvenir de Russie' (1)
Fantaisie-Caprice, op.11 (1)
Fantaisie sur Faust de Ch. Gounod pour violon et piano (1)
Fantasia appassionata, op.35 (3)
Felicien David (1)
Feuilles d'album (3), op.40 (3)
Greeting to America, op.55 (2)
Hommage a Paganini, op.9 (1)
Morceaux (6), op.55 (2)
Morceaux (6), suivis d'un capriccio, op.61 (1)
Morceaux de salon (3), op.32 (1)
Morceaux de salon (6), op.22 (1)
Norma de Bellini: Fantaisie sur la 4eme corde, op.18 (1)
Old England, op.42 (1)
Romance, op.40 no.1 (2)
Romances sans paroles (3), op.7 (3)
Souvenir d'Amerique (transcr. for viola by Frank Foerster) (1)
Souvenir d'Amerique (6)
Variations on a theme from Bellini's 'Il pirata', op.6 'Air varie' (1)
Viola Sonata, op. posth. (unfinished) (1)
Viola Sonata in B flat major, op.36 (9)
Violin Concerto no.1 in E major, op.10 (3)
Violin Concerto no.2 in F sharp minor, op.19 (3)
Violin Concerto no.3 in A major, op.25 (2)
Violin Concerto no.4 in D minor, op.31 (14)
Violin Concerto no.5 in A minor, op.37 (11)
Violin Concerto no.6 in G major, op.47 (2)
Violin Concerto no.7 in A minor, op.49 (2)
Violin Sonata in D major, op.12 (2)

Henri François Joseph Vieuxtemps (17 February 1820 – 6 June 1881) was a Belgian composer and violinist. He occupies an important place in the history of the violin as a prominent exponent of the Franco-Belgian violin school during the mid-19th century. He is also known for playing upon what is now known as the Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesu, a violin of superior workmanship.

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French Violin Sonatas
French Violin Sonatas


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Janine Jansen: 12 Stradivari



Francescatti plays Vieuxtemps, Lalo, Saint-Saens & Sarasate
Francescatti plays Vieuxtemps, Lalo, Saint-Saens & Sarasate



Vieuxtemps - Music for Violin and Piano
Vieuxtemps - Music for Violin and Piano


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Isaac Stern Live Vol.2