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Moritz Moszkowski

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Airs de Ballet (6), op.56 (1)
Album Espagnol, op.21 (2)
Albumblatt, op.2 (1)
Aus aller Herren Lander (From Foreign Lands), op.23 (1)
Caprice, op.4 (1)
Caprice espagnol, op.37 (8)
Clavierstucke (3) in Tanzform, op.18 (1)
Concert Studies (3), op.24 (1)
Concertstucke (2), op.16 (2)
Conservatoristen-Polka, op.˝ (1)
Cortege et gavotte, op.43 (1)
Etincelles, op.36 (arr. Heifetz for violin and piano) (1)
Etudes (15), op.72 (13)
Fackeltanz (Torch Dance), op.51 (1)
Fantaisie (Hommage a Schumann), op.5 (1)
Fantaisie-Impromptu, op.6 (1)
Fantasiestucke (6), op.52 (5)
Fruhling (5), op.57 (3)
Gondoliera, op.41 (2)
Habanera, op.65 no.3 (1)
Humoreske, op.14 (1)
Hungarian Dances (10), WoO1 (1)
Johanna d’Arc: symphonic poem in 4 movements, op.19 (1)
La jongleuse (1)
Le maitre et l'eleve, op.96 (1)
Malaguena, op.49 no.1 (1)
Moments Musicaux (4), op.84 (1)
Moments musicaux (3), op.7 (1)
Morceaux (4), op.82 (2)
Morceaux caracteristiques (8), op.36 (19)
Morceaux poetiques (3), op.42 (1)
Nouvelles danses espagnoles (3), op.65 (1)
Overture in D major (1)
Petits Morceaux (10), op.94 (1)
Piano Concerto in B minor, op.3 (1)
Piano Concerto in E major, op.59 (3)
Piano Pieces (2), op.45 (16)
Piano Pieces (5), op.18 (3)
Pieces (3) for piano duet, op.11 (1)
Pieces (6), op.15 (8)
Pieces mignonnes (10), op.77 (1)
Polonaise in D major, op.17 no.1 (3)
Prelude and Fugue for string orchestra, op.85 (2)
Pres du Berceau (By the Cradle), op.58 no.3 (1)
Scherzo, op.1 (1)
Skizzen: Vier kleine Stucke, op.10 (1)
Spanish Dances (5), op.12 (arr. Emile Sauret for violin and piano) (1)
Spanish Dances (5), op.12 (orch. P Scharwenka and V Frank) (2)
Spanish Dances (5), op.12 (1)
Spanish Dances (5) for piano duet, op.12 (2)
Suite for Orchestra, op.23 'From Foreign Lands' (1)
Suite for Orchestra no.1, op.39 (1)
Suite for Orchestra no.2, op.47 (1)
Suite for Orchestra no.3, op.79 (1)
Suite in G minor for two violins and piano, op.71 (5)
The juggleress (1)
Valse in E major, op.34 no.1 (2)
Valse mignonne (1)
Violin Concerto in C major, op.30 (2)
Walzer, op.17 no.3 (1)

Moritz (Maurice) Moszkowski (23 August 1854 – 4 March 1925) was a German-Jewish composer, pianist and teacher of Polish descent on his paternal side. His brother Alexander Moszkowski was a famous writer and satirist in Berlin.

Ignacy Paderewski said: "After Chopin, Moszkowski best understands how to write for the piano, and his writing embraces the whole gamut of piano technique." Although less known today, Moszkowski was well respected and popular during the late nineteenth century.

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