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Nikolai Kapustin

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A Little Duo for flute and cello, op.156 (1)
Andante, op.58 (1)
Bagatelle op.59 no.9 (1)
Bagatelles (10), op.59 (2)
» no.2
» no.5
» no.8
Burlesque for cello and piano, op.97 (2)
Cello Concerto no.1, op.85 (1)
Cello Sonata no.2, op.84 (1)
Concert Etudes (8), op.40 (5)
Concerto no.2 for cello and strings, op.103 (2)
Day-Break (Sunrise), op.26 (1)
Divertissement, op.126 (1)
Divertissement for 2 flutes, cello and piano, op.91 (1)
Duet for cello and alto saxophone, op.99 (2)
Elegy for cello and piano, op.96 (2)
Etude-Like Trinkets (2) for piano, op.122 (1)
Etudes (5) in Different Intervals, op.68 (2)
Etudes (8), op.40 (selection) (1)
Etudes (8), op.40 (1)
Flute Sonata, op.125 (1)
Nearly Waltz for cello and piano, op.98 (2)
Paraphrase on 'Aquarela do Brasil', op.118 (1)
Piano Concerto no.2, op.14 (1)
Piano Sonata no.1, op.39 'Sonata-Fantasia' (3)
Piano Sonata no.2, op.54 (3)
Piano Sonata no.6, op.62 (2)
Piano Sonata no.7, op.64 (1)
Piano Sonata no.15, op.127 'Fantasia quasi Sonata' (1)
Preludes (24) in Jazz Style, op.53 (5)
Quintet for saxophones and piano, op.89a (1)
Saxophone Quartet, op.88a (1)
Scherzo for piano, op.95 (1)
Sonata no.2, p.54 (1)
Sonatina, op.100 (1)
Suite in the Old Style, op.28 (1)
Toccatina, op.36 (2)
Trio for flute, cello and piano, op.86 (1)
Trio (1)
Variations, op.41 (6)

Nikolai Girshevich Kapustin (born November 22, 1937 in Horlivka, Ukrainian SSR) is a Russian composer and pianist.

Among his works, 154 compositions to date, are 20 piano sonatas, six piano concertos, piano works for solo piano and for 4 hands, as well for 2 pianos, a violin concerto, two cello concertos, piano trios, string quartets, a piano quintet and a significant number of other chamber works, as well as compositions for orchestra and big band.

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Schumann, Rachmaninov, Kapustin - Themes & Variations
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