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Georges Onslow

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Cello Sonatas (3), op.16 (4)
Duet for violin and piano in F major, op.15 (1)
Grand Septuor, op.79 (1)
Grand Sextuor, op.77b (1)
Nonet in A minor, op.77 (2)
Piano Quintet, op.79b (1)
Piano Quintet in B minor, op.70 (1)
Piano Quintet in G major, op.76 (1)
Piano Sextet, op.30 (1)
Piano Sonata in C minor, op.2 (1)
Piano Trio in E flat major, op.14 no.2 (1)
Pieces (6) (2)
Quintette a vent (1)
Sextet for piano and winds, op.30 (1)
Sonata for piano four hands, op.22 (1)
Sonata no.1 in E minor for piano four hands, op.7 (1)
String Quartet no.1 in B flat major, op.4 no.1 (1)
String Quartet no.4 in C minor, op.8 no.1 (1)
String Quartet no.7 in G minor, op.9 no.1 'Variations on God Save the King' (1)
String Quartet no.9 in F minor, op.9 no.3 (1)
String Quartet no.10 in G major, op.10 no.1 (1)
String Quartet no.20 in F major, op.46 no.2 (1)
String Quartet no.21 in G minor, op.46 (1)
String Quartet no.22 in C major, op.47 (1)
String Quartet no.25 in B flat major, op.50 (1)
String Quintet no.6 in E minor, op.19 (1)
String Quintet no.10 in F minor, op.32 (1)
String Quintet no.11 in B flat major, op.33 (1)
String Quintet no.12 in A minor, op.34 (1)
String Quintet no.13 in G major, op.35 (1)
String Quintet no.19 in C minor, op.44 (1)
String Quintet no.20 in D minor, op.45 (1)
String Quintet no.21 in G minor, op.51 (1)
String Quintet no.22 in E flat major, op.57 (1)
String Quintet no.23 in A minor, op.58 (1)
String Quintet no.26 in C minor, op.67 (1)
String Quintet no.28 in G minor, op.72 (1)
String Quintet no.29 in E flat major, op.73 (1)
String Quintet no.30 in E minor, op.74 (1)
String Quintet no.31 in A major, op.75 (1)
Symphony no.1 in A major, op.47 (1)
Symphony no.2 (1)
Symphony no.3 in F minor (1)
Symphony no.4 (1)
Toccata in C major, op.6 (1)
Violin Sonatas (3), op.16 (1)
Wind Quintet in F major, op.81 (1)

André George Louis Onslow (27 July 1784 – 3 October 1853) was a French composer of English descent. His wealth, position and personal tastes allowed him to pursue a path unfamiliar to most of his French contemporaries, more similar to that of his contemporary German romantic composers; his music also had a strong following in Germany and in England. His principal output was chamber music but he also wrote four symphonies and four operas. Esteemed by many of the critics of his time, his reputation declined swiftly after his death and has only been revived in recent years.

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(Brilliant Classics)

Onslow - String Quintets Vol.4: Nos. 23 & 31
Onslow - String Quintets Vol.4: Nos. 23 & 31



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Onslow - String Quintets, Piano Quintet & Sextet


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Onslow - String Quintets Vol.3: Nos. 28 & 29
Onslow - String Quintets Vol.3: Nos. 28 & 29