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Josef Strauss

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Allegro fantastique: orchestral fantasy (1)
Auf Ferienreisen, op.133 (6)
Blaubart-Quadrille, op.206 (1)
Brennende Liebe (Burning Love), Polka Mazurka, op.129 (3)
Crispino-Quadrille, op.224 (1)
Delirien Waltz, op.212 (12)
Die Emanzipierte (1)
Die Grossherzogin von Gerolstein Quadrille, op.223 (1)
Die Libelle: Polka mazur, op.204 (7)
Die Tanzerin, Polka francaise, op.227 (4)
Die guten alten Zeiten: Walzer, op.26 (1)
Die tanzende Muse: Polka Mazur, op.266 (3)
Dorfschwalben aus Osterreich, op.164 (13)
» Waltz
Dynamiden Waltz, op.173 (3)
Faust-Quadrille, op.112 (1)
Feuerfest!, op.269 (7)
Fireproof! French Polka, op.269 (1)
Flora, Polka mazur, op.54 (1)
Fool's Paradise, French Polka, op.179 (1)
For Ever: Polka schnell, op.193 (2)
Fortunio-Magellone-Daphnis Quadrille, op.103 (1)
Geheime Anziehungskrafte (Dynamiden), op.173 (1)
Genovefa-Quadrille, op.246 (1)
German Greetings, Waltz, op.191 (2)
Heiterer Muth (Cheerful Fortitude), French Polka, op.281 (2)
Hesperus' Path, Waltz, op.279 (1)
Jokey Polka, op.278 (6)
Kadi-Quadrille, op.25 (1)
Les Georgiennes Quadrille, op.168 (1)
Lock Polka, op.233 (1)
Marien-Klange Waltz, op.214 (1)
Matrosen-Polka, op.52 (1)
Mein Lebenslauf ist Lieb' und Lust, op.263 (2)
Moulinet, op.57 (3)
Music of the Spheres, Waltz, op.235 (1)
Ohne Sorgen, op.271 (5)
Pearls of Love, Concert Waltz, op.39 (1)
Peine du coeur: orchestral fantasy (1)
Perichole-Quadrille, op.256 (1)
Phoenix March, op.105 (1)
Pizzicato Polka (J Strauss II) (3)
Plappermaulchen, op.245 (5)
Spharenklange Walzer, op.235 (18)
Steeplechase, Quick Polka, op.43 (1)
Tag und Nacht, op.93 (1)
» Polka
The Gazelle, Polka Mazurka, op.155 (1)
Toto-Quadrille, op.265 (1)
Transactionen, op.184 (4)
Transactionen Walzer, op.183 (5)
Velocipede: Polka schnell, op.259 (3)
Viennese Frescoes, Waltz, op.249 (2)
Wiener Leben: Polka francaise, op.218 (1)
Without a Care! Quick Polka, op.271 (1)

Josef Strauss (August 20, 1827 – July 22, 1870) was an Austrian composer.

He was born in Vienna, the son of Johann Strauss I and Maria Anna Streim, and brother of Johann Strauss II and Eduard Strauss. His father wanted him to choose a career in the Austrian Habsburg military. He studied music with Franz Dolleschal and learned to play the violin with Franz Anton Ries.

He received training as an engineer, and worked for the city of Vienna as an engineer and designer. He designed a horse-drawn revolving brush street-sweeping vehicle and published two textbooks on mathematical subjects. Strauss had talents as an artist, painter, poet, dramatist, singer, composer and inventor.

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