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Peter Maxwell Davies

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A Birthday Card for Hans (1)
A Birthday Card for Jennifer for solo piano (1)
A Postcard from Sanday for solo piano (1)
A Spell for Green Corn: The MacDonald Dances (1)
A Voyage to Fair Isle (2)
Alma redemptoris mater (1)
An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise (1)
Antechrist (1)
Ave Maris Stella (2)
Ave Rex Angelorum (1)
Bist du bei mir, oder? (1)
Black Pentecost (1)
Brass Quintet (1)
Canon ad honorem Igor Stravinsky (arr. Knussen) (1)
Canon in memoriam Igor Stravinsky (1)
Caroline Mathilde: Act 1 Concert Suite (1)
Caroline Mathilde: Act 2 Concert Suite (1)
Carolisima, op.168 (1)
Cello Sonata 'Sequentia Serpentigena' (1)
Chat Moss (1)
Child of the Manger (1)
Clarinet Sonata (1)
Corpus Christi with Cat and Mouse (1)
Cross Lane Fair (1)
Dove, Star-folded (1)
Early Scottish Motets (3) (1)
Economies of Scale (1)
Eight Songs for a Mad King (2)
Fanfare for Lowry (1)
Fantasia on 'O magnum mysterium' (1)
Fantasia on a Ground and 2 Pavans (Purcell) (2)
Fantasia upon one note (Purcell) (1)
Farewell to Stromness (arr. Rosemary Furniss) (1)
Farewell to Stromness (arr. T Walker) (1)
Farewell to Stromness (arr. for 2 clavichords) (1)
Farewell to Stromness (transcr. A Balsom and T Poster) (1)
Farewell to Stromness (9)
Homerton (1)
Hymnos (1)
Image, Reflection, Shadow (1)
In Nomine (7) (1)
Into the Labyrinth, op.111 (1)
Kings and Shepherds (1)
Klee Pictures (5) (2)
Lessons (4) for 2 keyboards, op.81 (1)
Linguae Ignis (1)
Litany for a ruined chapel between sheep and shore (3)
Little Quartet no.1 (1)
Little Quartet no.2 (1)
Little Tune for Vittorio in Maremma (1)
Lullabye for Lucy (1)
Lullaby for violin and cello (1)
Magnificat (1)
March 'The Pole Star' (1)
Mavis in Las Vegas (1)
Maxwell's Reel, with Northern Lights (1)
Midhouse Air (2)
Miss Donnithorne's Maggot (1)
Mr Emmet Takes a Walk (1)
Naxos Quartet no.1 (1)
Naxos Quartet no.2 (1)
Naxos Quartet no.3 (1)
Naxos Quartet no.4, 'Children's Games' (1)
Naxos Quartet no.5, 'Lighthouses of Orkney and Shetland' (1)
Naxos Quartet no.6 (1)
Naxos Quartet no.7, 'Metafore sul Borromini' (1)
Naxos Quartet no.8 (1)
Naxos Quartet no.9 (1)
Naxos Quartet no.10 (1)
Naxos Quartets nos.1-10 (complete) (1)
Nocturnes (2) for piano quartet (1)
Nunc Dimittis (1)
Oboe Quartet (1)
Ojai Festival Overture (1)
O magnum mysterium (5)
One star, at last (2)
Organ Sonata (1)
Organ Voluntaries (3) (2)
Organ Voluntary, J138 'O God Abufe' (1)
Piano Concerto (1)
Piano Trio: A Voyage to Fair Isle (1)
Piccolo Concerto (1)
Pieces (5), op.2 (1)
Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor (JS Bach) (1)
Psalm 124 (2)
Quartet Movement (1)
Reliqui domum meum for organ (1)
Resurrection (1)
Runes from a Holy Island (1)
Sea Eagle for solo horn (4)
Shepherds of Hoy (1)
Sinfonia concertante (1)
Sinfonia (1)
Sinfonietta Academica (1)
Sir Charles his Pavan (1)
Sonata for Violin Alone (2)
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1)
Sonatina for Violin Alone, op.334 (1)
St Thomas Wake (1)
Stedman Doubles (1)
Stone Litany 'Runes from a house of the dead' (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.1 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.2 (2)
Strathclyde Concerto no.3 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.4 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.5 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.6 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.7 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.8 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.9, op.170 (1)
Strathclyde Concerto no.10, op.179 (2)
String Quartet Movement (2016) (1)
String Quartet (1)
String Trio (1)
Sunday Morning (1)
Symphony no.1 (1)
Symphony no.2 (1)
Symphony no.3 (1)
Symphony no.4 (1)
Symphony no.5 (1)
Symphony no.6 (1)
Symphony no.10 (1)
Tallis: Four Voluntaries (1)
Taverner (1)
Tenebrae super Gesualdo (1)
The Beltane Fire (1)
The Boyfriend: Suite (1)
The Devils: Suite (1)
The Fader of Heven (1)
The Last Island for string sextet (1)
The Lighthouse (1)
The Martyrdom of St Magnus (1)
The Seven Brightnesses (1)
The Turn of the Tide (1)
The Two Fiddlers (2)
» Dances
Three Sanday Places (1)
Threnody on a Plainsong for Michael Vyner (1)
Time and the Raven (1)
Trumpet Concerto (1)
Trumpet Sonata (3)
Veni Creator Spiritus (1)
Veni Sancte-Veni Creator Spiritus (Dunstable) (1)
Vesalii icones (1)
Violin Sonata (1)
Worldes Blis (1)
Yesnaby Ground (4)

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, CH, CBE (8 September 1934 – 14 March 2016) was an English composer and conductor. In 2004 he was made Master of the Queen's Music.

Davies was born in Salford, Lancashire, the son of Thomas and Hilda Davies. At age four, after being taken to a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers, he told his parents that he was going to be a composer. He took piano lessons and composed from an early age. As a 14-year-old, he submitted a composition called "Blue Ice" to BBC Children's Hour in Manchester. BBC producer Trevor Hill showed it to resident singer and entertainer Violet Carson, who said, "He's either quite brilliant or mad". Conductor Charles Groves nodded his approval and said, "I'd get him in". Davies' rise to fame began under the careful mentorship of Hill, who made him the programme's resident composer and introduced him to various professional musicians both in the UK and Germany. After attending Leigh Boys Grammar School, Davies studied at the University of Manchester and at the Royal Manchester College of Music (amalgamated into the Royal Northern College of Music in 1973), where his fellow students included Harrison Birtwistle, Alexander Goehr, Elgar Howarth and John Ogdon. Together they formed New Music Manchester, a group committed to contemporary music. After graduating in 1956, he studied on an Italian government scholarship for a year with Goffredo Petrassi in Rome.

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