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Gyorgy Kurtag

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...c'astazi s-a nascut...Marta 90 eves! (1)
... ein Brief aus der Ferne an Ursula (1)
... fur Heinz ... for piano left hand (1)
...quasi una fantasia..., op.27 no.1 (1)
A kis csava, for piccolo, guitar & trombone, op.15b (2)
Arioso: Hommage a Walter Levin 85, in Alban Bergs Manier (2)
Attila Jozsef Fragments, op.20 (1)
Aus der Ferne III, for string quartet (5)
Aus der Ferne V for string quartet (3)
Az hit (1)
Bagatelles (1)
Birthday elegy for Judit (1)
Bref Message a Pierre Boulez (1)
Brefs Messages, op.47 (1)
Capriccios (4), op.9 (1)
Colinda-Balada, op.46 (1)
Der Glaube (1)
Desert for soprano and oboe (1)
Die Ros' (Hommage a Heinz Holliger) (1)
Die sieben Worte, fragments of Heinrich Schutz's work for piano 4 hands (1)
Doloroso (1)
Double Concerto, op.27 no.2 (1)
Duets (8) for Violin and Cimbalom, op.4 (1)
Einen Augenblick lang for solo oboe (1)
Einige Satze aus den Sudelbuchern Georg Christoph Lichtenbergs, op.47 (excerpts) (1)
Eletut Lebenslauf, op.32 (1)
Flowers we are - for Miyako (1)
For Steven: In memoriam Pauline Mara (1)
Fragments from the Scrapbooks (Sudelbucher) of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, op.37a (1)
Grabstein fur Stephan, op.15/c (1)
Gyorgy Kroo in memoriam (1)
Hipartita, op.43 (2)
Hommage a Berenyi Ferenc 70 (2)
Hommage a Elliott Carter (1)
Hommage a Halmagyi Mihaly (1)
Hommage a JSB (2)
Hommage a Jacob Obrecht (2)
Hommage a Kadosa (12 Microludes) (1)
Hommage a Mihaly Andras (12 Microludes for string quartet) (4)
Hommage a Robert Schumann, op.15d (7)
Hommage a Schubert (1)
Hommage a Varese (1)
In Memory of a Winter Evening, op.8 (2)
In memoriam Aczel Gyorgy (1)
In memoriam Laszlo Ferenc (1)
Jatekok (Games) (excerpts) (4)
Jatekok (Games) (9)
» Doina
Jelek, jatekok es uzenetek (Signs, games and messages) for solo double bass (4) (1)
Jelek (1)
Kafka-Fragments, op.24 (3)
Klavierstucke (8), op.3 (1)
Kroo Gyorgy in memoriam (1)
Ligatura - Message to Frances-Marie, op.31b (4)
Ligatura Y (2)
Message - consolation a Christian Sutter. Alio modo (3)
Messages of the Late Miss R.V. Troussova, op.17 (3)
Microludes (12) (1)
Moments musicaux (6), op.44 (3)
Movement for Viola and Orchestra (1)
New Microludes (12) (1)
Officium breve in memoriam Andreae Szervansky, op.28 (7)
Old Inscriptions (3), op.25 (1)
Pezzi (3) for violin and piano, op.14e (1)
Pieces (9) for solo viola (1)
Pilinszky Janos: Gerard de Nerval (2)
Requiem pro drugu, op.26 (1)
Rozsnyai Ilona in memoriam (1)
S.K. Remembrance Noise, op.12 (1)
Samuel Beckett: What is the Word, op.30b (1)
Scenes from a Novel, op.19 (3)
Schatten (2)
Signs, Games and Messages (excerpts) (1)
Signs, Games and Messages, for strings (1)
Signs, Games and Messages for solo cello or solo violin (1)
Signs, games and messages (5)
Songs (4) to Poems by Janos Pilinszky, op.11 (1)
Songs (7) for soprano and cimbalom, op.22 (2)
Songs of Despair and Sorrow, op.18 (1)
Songs to Poems by Anna Akhmatova, op.41 (1)
Splinters, op.6d (1)
String Quartet, op.1 (4)
Suite for piano duo (1)
Szalkak (1)
The Sayings of Peter Bornemisza, op.7 (1)
Transcriptions from Machaut to J S Bach, for 4-hand and 6-hand piano and 2 pianos (selection) (1)
Tre Pezzi for violin and piano, op.14e (2)
Tre altri pezzi per clarinetto e cimbalom (1)
Tre pezzi per clarinetto e cimbalom (1)
Un brin de bruyere (1)
Versetto (apokrif organum) (1)
Virag az ember (1)
Wind Quintet, op.2 (4)

György Kurtág (born 19 February 1926 in Lugoj) is a Hungarian composer.

The compositions before Opus 33, the orchestral work Stele dedicated to Claudio Abbado and the Berlin Philharmonic, consist mainly of vocal solo and choral music, and of instrumental music, ranging from solo pieces to works for ensembles of increasing size. In several of Kurtág’s pieces, space plays an important role: … quasi una fantasia…, premiered in 1988 at the Berlin Festival, is the first composition in which he explores the idea of music that spatially embraces the audience. Since Op. 33 a number of large scale compositions have been premiered, such as e.g. Messages Op. 34 and New Messages Op. 34a for orchestra, the Beckett settings pas a pas – nulle part Op. 35, the double concerto …concertante… Op. 42 and 6 Moments musicaux Op. 44 for string quartet.

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Intertwined Paths: Kurtag, Telemann, Oliu, Trumpy, Part, Pianelli
Intertwined Paths: Kurtag, Telemann, Oliu, Trumpy, Part, Pianelli



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Masako Ohta: Poetry Album


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Helene Desaint plays Schumann & Kurtag
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Vox Sola: Music for Solo Voice


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