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Darius Milhaud

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Alissa, op.9 (1)
Ballade for piano and orchestra (3)
Bolivar, op.236 (1)
Brazileira from Scaramouche (1)
Cain and Abel (1)
Cantata from Proverbs (2)
Cantate de la Paix, op.166 (1)
Cantate nuptiale, op.168 (1)
Caprice, op.335a (1)
Caprices de Paganini (3) for violin and piano, op.97 (1)
Caramel mou, op.68 (2)
Catalogue des fleurs, op.60 (3)
Cello Concerto no.1, op.136 (6)
Chamber Symphony no.1, op.43 (1)
Chamber Symphony no.2, op.49 (1)
Chamber Symphony no.3, op.71 (1)
Chamber Symphony no.4, op.74 (1)
Chamber Symphony no.5, op.75 (1)
Chamber Symphony no.6, op.79 (1)
Chansons de Ronsard (4), op.223 (2)
Chansons de negresse (3), op.148b (1)
Chants populaires hebraiques (6), op.86 (1)
Child Poems, op.36 (1)
Cinema-Fantaisie d'apres Le Boeuf sur le toit, op.58b (6)
Concertino d'hiver, for trombone and strings (1)
Concertino de Printemps (1)
Concerto for 2 pianos and percussion, op.394 (1)
Concerto for Percussion and Small Orchestra, op.109 (4)
Concerto for marimba, vibraphone and orchestra, op.278 (3)
Danses de Jacaremirim, op.256 (1)
Der Apfel und die Schnecke (1)
Divertissement, op.299b (1)
Dors, Dors (1)
Duo Concertante, op.351 (3)
Duo for Two Violins (1)
Elegie (3)
Esquisses (2), op.227b (1)
Etudes (5), op.63 (2)
Etudes sur des themes liturgiques du Comtat Venaissin, op.442 (1)
Exercice Musical (1934) (2)
Fantaisie Pastorale, op.188 (2)
Farandoleurs, op.262 (2)
Fontaines et Sources, op.352 (1)
Harp Concerto, op.323 (1)
Introduction and Cortege Funebre (2)
L'Apotheose de Moliere, op.286 (1)
L'Homme et son desir, op.48 (2)
L'Orestie d'Eschyle (Oresteia of Aeschylus) (1)
L'album de Madame Bovary (1)
L'amour chante, op.409 (1)
L'automne, op.115 (2)
La Bal Martiniquais (1)
La Creation du Monde, op.81b (piano quintet) (1)
La Creation du Monde, op.81 (12)
La Muse menagere, op.245 (3)
La cheminee du roi Rene, op.205 (8)
Le Boeuf sur le toit, op.58 (14)
Le Carnaval d'Aix, op.83b (6)
Le Carnaval de Londres on themes from The Beggar's Opera, op.172 (1)
Le bal martiniquais, op.249 (1)
Le printemps, op.18 (3)
Les Choephores, op.24 (L'Orestie d'Eschyle no.2) (1)
Les deux cites (cantata), op.170 (1)
Les quatre elements, op.189 (1)
Les reves de Jacob, op.294 (1)
Les soirees de Petrograd, op.55 (2)
Les songes, op.124 (1)
Love Poems (2), op.30 (1)
Mazurka (from 'Album des Six') (3)
Medee, op.191 (2)
Naissance de Venus, op.292 (1)
Opus Americanum no.2 (1)
Ouverture philharmonique (1)
Paris, op.284 (1)
Pastorale, op.147 (2)
Piano Concerto no.1, op.127 (3)
Piano Concerto no.2, op.228 (3)
Piano Concerto no.3, op.270 (2)
Piano Concerto no.4, op.295 (3)
Piano Concerto no.5, op.346 (2)
Piano Quartet, op.417 (1)
Poemes de Leo Latil (4), op.20 (1)
Poemes juifs (8), op.34 (4)
Prelude II (1)
Prelude I (1)
Printemps (Book I), op.25 (1)
Printemps (Book II), op.66 (1)
Psaume 121 (2)
Quatrains Valaisans, op.206 (2)
Rag-caprices (3) for piano, op.78 (2)
» no.1
Romance sans paroles, op.133 (1)
Saudades do Brasil (12) for orchestra, op.67b (5)
Saudades do Brasil (12) for piano, op.67 (8)
Scaramouche, op.165b (arr. for 4 clarinets and barrel organ) (1)
Scaramouche, op.165b (two pianos) (9)
» I Vif
Scaramouche, suite for clarinet and piano, op.165d (6)
Scaramouche: suite for saxophone and piano (or orchestra), op.165c (7)
Scaramouche: suite for saxophone wind quintet (1)
Scaramouche (6)
Second Concerto for 2 Pianos and Percussion (1)
Segoviana (1)
Service sacre, op.279 (1)
Sketches (2), op.227b (1)
Sonata for 2 violins and piano, op.15 (1)
Sonata for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano, op.47 (3)
Sonata for flute, oboe and piano (1)
Sonatina, op.100 (3)
Sonatina for clarinet and piano, op.100 (1)
Sonatina for flute and piano, op.76 (6)
Sonatina for oboe and piano, op.337 (1)
Sonatine Pastorale, op.383 (1)
Sonatine a 3 for violin, viola and cello, op.221b (2)
Sonnets (6) composes au secret, op.266 (1)
String Octet, op.291 (1)
String Quartet no.1, op.5 (1)
String Quartet no.4 (2)
String Quartet no.12 (2)
String Quartet no.14, op.291 no.1 (1)
String Quartet no.15, op.291 no.2 (1)
String Trio, op.274 (2)
Suite Cisalpine, op.332 (1)
Suite d'apres Corrette, op.161 (2)
Suite for ondes martinot and piano, op.120c (1)
Suite for violin, clarinet and piano, op.157b (5)
Suite francaise, op.248 (3)
Suite from the ballet 'Moise' (excerpts) (1)
Suite provencale, op.152c (4)
Symphony no.1, op.210 (2)
Symphony no.2, op.247 (2)
Symphony no.3 (1)
Symphony no.4, op.281 (2)
Symphony no.5, op.332 (1)
Symphony no.6, op.343 (2)
Symphony no.7, op.344 (1)
Symphony no.8, op.362 'Rhodanienne' (2)
Symphony no.9, op.350 (1)
Symphony no.10, op.382 (1)
Symphony no.11, op.384 (1)
Symphony no.12, op.390 (1)
Tango des Fratellini, op.58c (2)
Valses (3) from Jean Renoir's film 'Madame Bovary' (1)
Viola Concerto no.1, op.108 (2)
Viola Sonata no.1, op.240 (2)
Viola Sonata no.2, op.244 (3)
Violin Concerto no.1 (1)
Violin Concerto no.2 (1)
Violin Sonata no.1, op.3 (1)
Violin Sonata no.2, op.40 (5)
Visages (4), op.238 (5)
Vocalise-Etude 'Air' (1)

Darius Milhaud (4 September 1892 – 22 June 1974) was a French composer and teacher. He was a member of Les Six—also known as The Group of Six—and one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century. His compositions are influenced by jazz and make use of polytonality. Darius Milhaud is to be counted among the modernist composers.

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