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Carl Nielsen

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A Fantasy Journey to the Faroes, FS123 (1)
Aebleblomsten (Apple Blossom) (1)
Ak, min Rose visner bort (1)
Aladdin: Incidental Music, op.34 (2)
Aladdin: Suite, FS89 (16)
Allegro un poco (Original Second Movement of Flute Concerto) (1)
Alt pa den vilde hede (On moorland barren, level) (1)
Amor og Digteren, op.54 (3)
An Evening at Giske, FS9 (2)
At the Bier of a Young Artist (string quartet) (1)
At the Bier of a Young Artist for String Orchestra (3)
Betragt mit svage spind (Behold my web, how frail) (1)
Boernene leger, for solo flute (1)
Bohemian Danish Folk tune, FS130 (2)
Canto serioso (7)
Chaconne, op.32 (8)
Clarinet Concerto, op.57 FS129 (arr. Rene Orth for chamber ensemble) (1)
Clarinet Concerto, op.57 FS129 (23)
Commotio, op.58 FS155 (8)
Cosmos (1)
Cupid and the Poet, op.54 FS150 (1)
Den Luciferiske Suite, op.45 FS91 (1)
Den danske sang er en ung, blond pige (The Danish song is a fair young maiden) (2)
Den milde Dag er lys og lang (The tender day is light and long) (2)
Den spillemand spiller pa strenge (1)
Derfor kan vort oje glaedes (Wherefore do our eyes feel pleasure) (1)
Der sad en Fisker saa tankefuld (There sat a fisherman deep in thought) (2)
Dream of 'Silent Night', CNW85 (1)
Du danske mand! af al din magt (Sing, Danish man! With all your might) (1)
Duet in A major, FS3e (1)
En Sagadrom, FS46 (1)
Et heiligt Liv, en salig Dod (1)
Fantasy Piece in G minor, FS3h (6)
Fantasy Pieces (2), op.2 (arr. Abrahamsen for oboe and string trio) (1)
Fantasy Pieces (2), op.2 (arr. oboe and orchestra) (1)
Fantasy Pieces (2), op.2 (trans. David Shifrin for clarinet and piano) (1)
Fantasy Pieces (2), op.2 (9)
Fantasy Voyage (1)
Festive Prelude, FS24 'For the new century' (6)
Flute Concerto, FS119 (25)
Forunderligt at sige (How wonderful to ponder) (2)
Forunderligt och markligt 'Wonderful and strange', FS83 no.1 (1)
Frihed er det bedste guld (Freedom is the purest gold) (1)
Frisk op! Endnu engang (1)
Frydeligt med jubelkor (Jubilation, shouts of glee) (1)
Fynsk foraar (Springtime in Funen), op.42 FS96 (4)
Guds Engle i Flok (1)
Hagbarth og Signe (Hagbarth and Signe), FS57 (1)
Havet omkring Danmark (Seas surrounding Denmark) (1)
Helios Overture, op.17 FS32 (12)
Hilsen (Greeting) (1)
Humoresque-Bagatelles, op.11 (arr. Steven Cohen for clarinet and piano) (1)
Humoresque-Bagatelles, op.11 (7)
Hvem sidder der bag skaermen (Who’s there behind the shelter) (1)
Hymnus amoris, op.12 FS21 (5)
I solen gar jeg bag min plov (In shining sun I steer my plough) (1)
Jeg baerer med smil min byrde (1)
Jeg laegger mig saa trygt til Ro (In peace, I lay me down to sleep) (1)
Jeg ved en laekerede (Two larks in love have nested) (1)
Jeronimus sang. Fordum var der fred pa gaden, FS39 (1)
Little Preludes (29), op.51, FS136 (3)
» no.5
» no.10
» no.13
» no.28
Little Suite in A minor for Strings, op.1 (13)
Masquerade, FS39 (excerpts) (3)
Masquerade, FS39 (21)
Melody (1)
Min Jesus lad mit hjerte fa (My Jesus, let my heart obtain) (2)
Min Pige er saa lys som Rav (Like golden amber is my girl) (1)
Mit hjerte altid vanker (arr. Nadja Schmedes) (1)
Moderen (The Mother), op.41 (excerpts) (2)
Moderen (The Mother), op.41 (6)
» March
Motets (3), op.55 FS139 (6)
Naar jeg betaenker Tid og Stund (1)
Nu er dagen fuld af sang (Now the day is full of song) (1)
Nu lyser lov i lunde (The greenwood leaves are light now) (1)
Nu skal det abenbares (This is the revelation) (1)
Nu springer varen (Now, spring is leaping out of bed) (1)
O, hvor er jeg glad I dag (1)
Pa det jaevne, pa det jaevne! (Simple-rooted, simple-rooted!) (1)
Pan and Syrinx, op.49 FS87 (12)
Paraphrase on Nearer my God to Thee, FS63 (1)
Paskeblomst! hvad vil du her? (Easterbloom! Why are you here?) (1)
Paskeblomst (The Daffodil) (1)
Piano Music for Young and Old, op.53 (7)
» Vol.1
» Vol.2
Piano Piece in C major, FS159 (2)
Piano Pieces (3), op.59 (8)
Piano Pieces (5), op.3 (5)
Piano Trio in G major (2)
Prelude, theme and variations for solo violin, op.48 (5)
Preludes (2) for organ (2)
Preludio e Presto for solo violin, op.52 (5)
Rhapsody Overture: An Imaginary Trip to the Faroe Islands, FS123 (4)
Saga-Dream, op.39 FS46 (7)
Sange (9) arrangeret for blandet kor af John Hoybye (9 song arrangements) (1)
Saul and David, FS25 (10)
Se dig ud en sommerdag (Look about one summer day) (1)
Serenata in vano, FS68 (5)
Sir Oluf He Rides (3)
Solen er saa rod, Mor (Look! The sun is red, mum) (1)
Som en rejselysten flade (There’s a fleet of floating islands) (1)
Sommersang (Summer song) (1)
Songs (5), op.4 (2)
Songs (6), op.10 (3)
Songs and Verses (5), op.6 (1)
Sovnen (Sleep), op.18 FS33 (3)
String Quartet in D minor, FS3d (1)
String Quartet in E flat major, op.1 (1)
String Quartet in E flat major, op.14 (5)
String Quartet in F major, FS3k (1)
String Quartet in F major, op.44 (7)
String Quartet in F minor, op.5 (7)
String Quartet in G minor, op.13 (7)
String Quintet in G major (4)
Strophic Songs (7), op.21 (5)
Study after nature, FS82 (1)
Suite, op.45 'The Luciferian' (6)
Suite for Orchestra, FS17 (2)
Suite for Strings in A minor, op.1 FS6 (5)
Symphonic Rhapsody, FS7 (1)
Symphonic suite, op.8 (5)
Symphonies 1-6 (complete) (9)
Symphony no.1 in G minor, op.7 (16)
Symphony no.2, op.16 'The Four Temperaments' (18)
Symphony no.3, op.27 'Sinfonia espansiva' (21)
Symphony no.4, op.29 'The Inextinguishable' (26)
Symphony no.5, op.50 (27)
Symphony no.6, 'Sinfonia semplice' (16)
Tagen letter (1)
The Dream of Merry Christmas, FS34 (1)
Theme and variations, op.40 (5)
Tidt er jeg glad (Oft am I glad) (2)
Tove (2)
Tro og hab spiller (1)
Tunge, morke natteskyer (Heavy, gloomy clouds of night) (1)
Udrundne er de gamle dage (Gone are the days, they’re past and olden) (1)
Underlige aftenlufte (Wondrous Evening Air) (3)
Various Movements, FS3c (1)
Ved en Ung Kunstners Baare (At the Bier of a Young Artist), FS58 (3)
Vi Sletternes Sonner har Dromme i Sind (We, sons of the plains carry dreams in our minds) (2)
Violin Concerto, op.33 (23)
Violin Sonata no.1 in A major, op.9 (5)
Violin Sonata no.1 in G major, FS3b (1)
Violin Sonata no.2, op.35 (6)
Vocalise-Etude, CNK124 (1)
Willemoes (3)
Wind Quintet, op.43 (22)

Carl August Nielsen (9 June 1865 – 3 October 1931) is widely recognized as Denmark's greatest composer, and is also remembered as a skilled conductor and a violinist. Brought up by poor but musically talented parents on the island of Funen, he demonstrated his musical abilities at an early age. While it was some time before his works were fully appreciated, even in his home country, Nielsen has now firmly entered the international repertoire. Especially in Europe and the United States, his music is ever more frequently performed, with interest growing in other countries too. Carl Nielsen is especially admired for his six symphonies, his Wind Quintet and his concertos for violin, flute and clarinet. In Denmark, his opera Maskarade and a considerable number of his songs have become an integral part of the national heritage. While his early music was inspired by composers such as Brahms and Grieg, he soon started to develop his own style, first experimenting with progressive tonality and later diverging even more radically from the standards of composition still common at the time. For many years, he appeared on the Danish hundred-kroner banknote.

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