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Ernest Chausson

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Andante et Allegro (4)
Apaisement (2)
Ballata, op.29 (1)
Cantique a l'epouse (1)
Chanson perpetuelle, op.37 (18)
Chansons de Shakespeare, op.28 (3)
Chevalier Malheur (1)
Concert in D major for piano, violin and string quartet, op.21 (24)
Duos (2), op.11 (2)
Ecoutez la chanson bien douce (2)
L'Albatros (1)
La Caravane, op.14 (1)
La Chanson douce (1)
La Lune blanche (2)
La Tempete, op.18 (1)
Le Colibri (2)
Le Temps des lilas (arr. Anton Garcia Abril) (1)
Le Temps des lilas (5)
Les Oiseaux (arr. J McCabe) (1)
Melodies (2), op.36 (2)
Melodies (4), op.13 (2)
Melodies (7), op.2 (10)
Pater noster (1)
Piano Quartet in A major, op.30 (5)
Piano Trio in G minor, op.3 (11)
Piece, op.39 (2)
Piece for cello and piano, op.39 (3)
Poeme, op.25 (58)
Poeme de l'amour et de la mer, op.19 (arr. Franck Villard) (1)
Poeme de l'amour et de la mer, op.19 (20)
Poemes (2), op.34 (2)
Quelques danses, op.26 (2)
Serres chaudes, op.24 (2)
Soir de fete, op.32 (1)
Sonatines (2), op.2 (1)
String Quartet in C minor, op.35 (4)
Symphony in B flat major, op.20 (12)
Viviane, op.5 (3)

Amédée-Ernest Chausson (20 January 1855 – 10 June 1899) was a French romantic composer who died just as his career was beginning to flourish.

Ernest Chausson was born in Paris into a prosperous bourgeois family. His father made his fortune assisting Baron Haussmann in the redevelopment of Paris in the 1850s. To please his father, Chausson studied law and was appointed a barrister for the Court of Appeals, but had little or no interest in the profession. He frequented the Paris salons, where he met celebrities such as Henri Fantin-Latour, Odilon Redon, and Vincent d'Indy. Before deciding on a musical career, he dabbled in writing and drawing.

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