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Eric Coates

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Always as I close my eyes (1)
A song of loyalty (2)
At Daybreak (1)
At the Dance (1)
Ballad, op.2 (1)
Betty and Johnny (1)
Bird Songs at Eventide (7)
Birdsongs at Eventide (1)
By the North Sea (1)
By the Sleepy Lagoon (10)
By the Tamarisk: Intermezzo (1)
Calling all Workers (4)
Cinderella: An Orchestral Phantasy (6)
Covent Garden (1)
Dam Busters March (9)
Dancing Nights: Concert valse (4)
Dreams of London (1)
Fanfare no.1 (2)
Fanfare no.2 (2)
First meeting: souvenir (1)
Footlights: Concert valse (3)
For your delight: Serenade (2)
From Meadow to Mayfair: Suite (5)
High Flight: March (1)
Homeward to you (1)
I heard you singing (4)
Impressions of a Princess: Intermezzo (1)
I pitch my lonely caravan at night (3)
I sing to you (1)
Joyous Youth Suite (2)
Knightsbridge March (3)
Last love: romance (2)
Little Boy Blue (1)
London: London Everyday Suite (1)
London Again Suite (5)
London Bridge: March (4)
London Calling: March (2)
London Suite (8)
Miniature Suite (1)
Moresque Dance: Interlude (1)
Music Everywhere 'Rediffusion March' (3)
Old English Songs (4) (1)
Our Little Home (1)
Reuben Ranzo (1)
Rise up and reach the stars (1)
Salute the soldier (1)
Saxo-Rhapsody (4)
Sea Rapture (1)
Sleepy Lagoon (1)
Song of Loyalty (The prayer within our hearts) (1)
Song of the Little Folk (1)
Sound and Vision: The ATV Television March (1)
South Wales and West: Television March (1)
Springtime Suite (2)
Stars and a Crescent Moon (1)
Summer Afternoon: Idyll (2)
Summer Days Suite (5)
Symphonic Rhapsodies (2) on Popular Songs (1)
TV March (1)
Television March (2)
Tell me where is fancy bred (2)
The Dam Busters March (arr. Stephens) (1)
The Dam Busters March (8)
The Eighth Army March (1)
The Fairy Tales of Ireland (1)
The Four Centuries: Suite (2)
The Green Hills o' Somerset (2)
The Jester at the Wedding: Suite (1)
The Jester at the Wedding (2)
The Man from the Sea (1)
The Merrymakers: Overture (7)
The Mill o' Dreams (1)
The Scent of Lilac (1)
The Selfish Giant: An Orchestral Phantasy (2)
The Selfish Giant (1)
The Seven Seas: March (1)
The Three Bears: An Orchestral Phantasy (7)
» Waltz
The Three Elizabeths Suite (9)
The Three Men: Suite (3)
Three Men Suite (1)
With a Song in my Heart: Symphonic Rhapsody after Richard Rodgers (1)
Wood Nymphs (4)

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